Wednesday, April 17, 2013

For Sale - 1979 Porsche SC Sunroof coupe

I've decided that it is time for the long journey with the 911 to come to an end. I love this car, it has been a blast owning it, but I want to buy a new house. 

I'm asking $17,500 and will gladly keep the car if I cannot get a reasonable offer. 

I'm uploading photos as people request them to this folder -

You should be able to see a set of detailed photos of any flaws I am aware of, detail of the trunk and engine compartment, detail of the rear wing Porsche branding and detail of the headlight washers. 

I also uploaded various other photos I have taken. I plan on having the car detailed this weekend and will take some more photos then. 

The mileage on the car is just over 107K but I will get the exact mileage tonight. 

I will be glad to talk about the car any time. I had the clutch, the oil tubes and the first post purchase work done at Steinel's on the east side of Cleveland. You can see some of the posts at that time in this blog.  

If we reach the point of a pre purchase inspection, there are three main options I am aware of in the Cleveland area. Steinel's, the local dealer, or Autobahn Extremists. Everyone I have spoken to at the local PCA group is very impressed with the work at Steinel's.