Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Sorry that I have not posted in a while. I got the car back from my dad with slightly less than 500 miles more on the odometer. This was less than I hoped for, but more than I expected. He did enjoy it. He also noticed a small gas smell in the cockpit if the car had been sitting too long. I am not sure if this is a problem or not. I need to look into it.

Since then I have attended a number of autocross events, including my first IRAC event. Surprisingly, I have placed second, first and first in my class. To be truthful, the last "first" was at an event with no other cars in my class, but still . . . it sounds good in a brag. I have about 10 seconds or so left on the course that I need to squeeze out. For the most part, it is left there because I am still not smooth enough. And I LIKE hearing the engine sing at high revs - which is not as fast as low revs in a higher gear.

Otherwise I have driven to work a number of times, perhaps a lot more than I should have, just for the pure joy of it. It is very odd how much I love driving this car. Even in a traffic jam, I love it.