Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Sorry that I have not posted in a while. I got the car back from my dad with slightly less than 500 miles more on the odometer. This was less than I hoped for, but more than I expected. He did enjoy it. He also noticed a small gas smell in the cockpit if the car had been sitting too long. I am not sure if this is a problem or not. I need to look into it.

Since then I have attended a number of autocross events, including my first IRAC event. Surprisingly, I have placed second, first and first in my class. To be truthful, the last "first" was at an event with no other cars in my class, but still . . . it sounds good in a brag. I have about 10 seconds or so left on the course that I need to squeeze out. For the most part, it is left there because I am still not smooth enough. And I LIKE hearing the engine sing at high revs - which is not as fast as low revs in a higher gear.

Otherwise I have driven to work a number of times, perhaps a lot more than I should have, just for the pure joy of it. It is very odd how much I love driving this car. Even in a traffic jam, I love it.

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Dad said...

Thanks loads for the use of the 911 Whale Tail. It was great to live a dream for a few days. The ride was all pleasure and not a scarry moment I assure you. Just don't believe everything you read.

It was fun pulling up to the card game to the gapping mouths of my buddies. It was not so much fun to say the car belonged to my son and he lent it to me for a week.

I guess I will have to go out and buy one and we can race at low speed on the track and keep the cars in one piece.

Thanks again, enjoyed it immencely.