Monday, January 19, 2009

Car, house and kid - what is going on?

I checked the flow point of Swepco 20W50 oil and found that -11F is near or below the flow point, so I called off the demonstration with the buyer. Flow point is the temperature at which the oil will not move for 5 seconds when held at an angle. In other words, starting the car with the oil that cold is a potential disaster.

Thanks to: my father in-law lending me his truck, my mother in-law delivering the truck, Jason Pettigrew helping me move things, Duffy's cousin John and his wife Wendy providing things, and my parents providing still more things - we now have a baby room full of furniture, clothes, car seat, stroller, diapers, bottles, formula, etcetra. Now if I can just find room for it all . . .

If I can only get of my butt and clean this week, we might have a house for the child.

Health wise, both Duffy and the Sprog (fetus) are doing well. Amneo is still scheduled for 1/28 with delivery to follow if he has achieved full development.

You can keep up with Duffy's point of view on all of this at:

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