Sunday, October 14, 2007

Wine Tour

Last weekend we went on a tour of the Ohio Wine Country with the NORPCA. For those of you not in the know, Ohio does have a number of vineyards. Some people do not link the wine, calling it fruit flavored cough syrup. I was surprised at the prices - way more than I expected. The drive was wonderful. Les set up a great drive down through some very pretty country roads. I only made one mistake in following his directions, but that was easily remedied. We had lunch at one place, a tour of another and a stop at a third. Over all it was a really nice day. 

That was surprising because both Duff and I were slugs that morning - neither of us wanted to wake up. And once we did get moving we were sniping at each other over every little thing. We finally looked at each other and said "We are going to enjoy this trip - DAMMIT." That fixed it. We both backed off and started just having fun with it. 

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