Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Long time, no post . . .

Wow, no posts in September. Just a quick update on the car and what I have been doing with it.

I have been autocrossing fairly regularly. Mostly I have been taking 2nd in my class. I have been within shouting distance of 1st, but it has not been a real neck and neck contest.

Most recently I made it to the last IRAC event our local PCA groups held. It was out at Beaver Valley PA, so I got a nice long drive in first. On the Turnpike trip I ran into Les Chescel and his 914-6. Les has the nicest collection of Porsches. I LUST after all of his cars. He has a 356 in a very lovely butternut yellow color. He has a newer 911 - actually fairly close to brand new 911. And he has the very rare 914-6, in a great bright orange color. We drove together into the location.

The event was held at BeaveRun track. They have a great autocross area and I am STUNNED that the PA group does not have weekly autocross events out there. BeveRun is also host to a SuperCar event, where for a few thousand dollars you get to drive a Ferrari, a Aston Martin, a Lambo and a 911 turbo on the track, all day long.

I - once again - took second. I take solace in the fact that the guy who beat me trailered his car in, but, truth be told, he simply drove better than I did.

The one time that I did have a neck and neck with someone was great. We were trading the best time back and forth with each run. Then, I hit a wall. I could not get the car to go faster than 67 seconds. Trying to go faster was actually making me go slower. I was over driving the car. I backed off and tried to get back into a rhythm, but it was no use. I need to work on that.

Duff and I are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary this year. I am taking her to Luray VA for a long weekend. We will be staying in a great little B&B down there. We will go caving, hike trails, see a waterfall, watch the leaves turn, and drive on Skyline Drive. I hope we enjoy this as much as I expect to. If you have any experience with Shenandoah Valley, Luray VA, or Skyline Drive - please let me know what is fun.

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