Monday, May 19, 2008

2nd Autocross

I ended up skipping the first IRAC event. I missed on being in the running for a trophy last year by one event, so I hope I don't regret it. The event was 5 hours away, and a 4 am wake up call on Sunday just did not work for me.

My 2nd event was down in Akron again, this Sunday May 18th. There was on again, off again rain all day. This made the course very interesting. Plus Walt set up a very fast course, with two long straight parts connected by a wide curve. I had a blast with the course. On my fastest run my rear end was wagging back and forth in the fast curve something fierce. My time went from a 68 second to a 60 second time, out of the running for prizes, but higher in the pack than last time.

I think I will never be in the top three, as I am always going to be easier on the car and watching to insure nothing goes awry. Getting pear shaped in the back corner was fun on the last run, but I am not sure it is something I want to do every time. Too much chance of damaging the car.

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