Saturday, February 24, 2007

I'm infatuated with this car

This is kind of stupid to admit to, but I am infatuated with this car. I have not even driven it for an hour. The tachometer has only been above 4000 twice - once at my dad's and once the other night when Tim and Carol gave me a lift home from the train station. I really have no experience with it yet. But I do love owning it.

I bought three books on 911's so far - The Used 911 Story, Porsche 911 Performance Handbook , and a shop manual. I have read all three. I actually have studied how the suspension works, because I wondered about the torsion bars.

I really need to drive this car. Gotta cut this short, Andy wants a walk.


John said...

What a great adventure! I can't wait to hear more stories. The car looks great. I have to agree with your your dad, "This car is

Steve said...

You don't have a problem. You can stop being infatuated any time you want.