Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Vanity Plates

I've more or less decided not to get Vanity Plates for this car, as it is a cop magnet already. I'm a big enough target with the whale tail, plus my past history likely has all of the cops in the Greater Cleveland area doing a jig at the thought of me in a 911. I picture grizzled old veterans gathered around the water cooler, telling the young pups "Happy days are here again." "You will never miss a quota now." That sound you heard? That was the laughter in Columbus when the title went through.

That said, if I WERE to get vanity plates, does anyone have any suggestions? I thought OLD SKOOL because it is a very old 911, still air cooled and relatively light weight. Others?


Anonymous said...

I do not like Old Skool because it sounds like you are an old geezer which know is not true. =)

Personnaly, vanity plates are useful if you have a common card and you use plates to find yours - silver honda accord. Otherwise, I think they are a waste of money. Save the money for your speeding tickets.

Jim said...

How about

Ticket Time


Cop Magnet

ohh even better

My Savings



Jmorison said...


You can use this site to keep track of tickets.


See how many points you have!!


Ed said...

oddly enough, my record is clean. Right now. We will have to see what impact this car has on my wallet.

Ed said...

Maybe I should just go for MoneyOutTheWindow.

Steve said...