Saturday, February 3, 2007

Picked up the 911 today

Okay, today I picked up my 911. Bizarre experience. There is no manual. There is no documentation of the service history. The car was pretty much as I expected. There are a couple of minor items that were not visible in the photos. A bit of rust here and there, the interior is a bit more worn, but overall pretty much as I expected. Stoddard was great. They detailed the car before I got there. They put a full tank of gas in the car. They took care of the paper work quickly and so on.

Driving home, I was very cautious with the car. I did not rev over 4000 until the temperature lifted off the bottom peg. Duffy, my patient and understanding wife, followed me out of the dealership. At some point we lost each other. I turned around to find her, then had to turn around again. During the second turnaround I hit a patch of snow. Whiz - bang, just that fast, the car swapped ends. SCARY. Made me very nervous on the highway. I was very aware of every patch of ice, snow and possible wet areas, let me tell you. I did not want to speed at all in the car.

It was a gorgeous winter day here - about 28 with clear blue skies. As I drove past downtown and onto the west side, the skies darkened, snow started to fall and I got very cold shivers down my spine. My drive took me on a bit of road called "dead man's curve". It is a very sharp left turn, about 90 degrees, right in the middle of a 4 lane highway. I wanted to zip through it at top speed, but after the issue in the parking lot, I took it at a more normal turn of speed. Some guy in a Olds 98 nearly side swiped me at the next on ramp.

We had seen an accident near Lyndale on our way to the dealer. We were not sure why. On the way home, I found out why and nearly had one myself. The road had not been cleared through a corner. There was still about 5 inches of snow, just cleared out where people's tires went. I hit that and almost lost it again.

Then there were the heater controls. I had no idea how to make them work. I just read online that I need to a) pull up the levers on the floor b) move the levers on the dash and ignore the levers down by the gear shift. Bizarre. I must locate a manual for this car. I'll post new pictures once I get to a PC with a USB port.

Oh, one last thing, as I got home it started to snow in the car. I think the window seals need to be replaced.


Steve said...

Of course, you had to get the car during the coldest spell this wonter with temps in the single digits. Joy.

Now we have to get that Honda running at the shop.

Jim said...

Ed, dude, take it from a man that went 60 mph to 0 mph in less than a second last year due to a patch of black ice and a large cement barrier. Be careful, don't drive this car after October or before March. Also I certainly hope this car is in the garage so you don't have another "Civic" incident.

Good luck man


Anonymous said...

How's it going - have you put the car in the garage for the winter? And what do you drive when you are not driving the 911? London is cold but many a 911 still on the road. Take care and keep scoping cars to fit my persona. Had a ride in the audi a6 - not to bad . . . Your biggest fan - HD DIcks