Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Fixing some of the issues

So, I took the time this past weekend to try and correct some of the issues. I started with the hood. I first replaced the prop rods. These are hydraulic shocks that hold the hood up when you open it. I started on the driver’s side. The Clovis pin and circlip that hold the prop rod in are connected to a bracket. On the driver’s side, not mentioned in any of the manuals, this bracket is under the gas filler tube. No idea if that is the right term. This is the hard, large, black metal pipe that runs from the gas cap to the fuel tank. This is an immovable object. Right next to this is a A/C or heater blower for the interior of the car. This has sharp objects on it. By dint of much pushing and prying on my hand, I wedge it into the space and get one finger on the Clovis pin. This is not going to be simple.

Wisdom being the better part of valor, I decided to start with the top. No issues, drops right off. I now have to do the bottom. HAVE TO. Getting the top back in place will not be simple. After much swearing, it came off. Fantastic. Out comes the old prop rod. Now to replace it. The new prop rod fits into the space easily. Now to get the bottom Clovis pin in place.

(. . . Time passes . . .)

(. . . More time passes . . . )

Finally, that is in place. Do the top, no problem. Take a look at the prop rod I just removed. It is dated 1985. So it was last replaced 22 years ago.

Go to move the car so I can get to the passenger side one. Car does not start. (Grumbling and more swearing) I cannot find my jumper cables. Go over to a friend’s house who also owns a classic car: a mini in his case. He has a very neat garage, unlike mine. Borrow his jumper cables. Connect the two cars. Jump the 911. Move it out and back and out and back. Get to the point I can replace the passenger side one. Takes a total, kid you not, of 10 minutes. Look at that prop rod. It is dated 1997. Obviously, the driver side one is a real bear.

I now start working on the hood not latching. I start by testing the latch itself. It works fine. The cable is not broken, nor is the catch itself. I now start adjusting the hood position. This solves the issue. YEAH! The car is now drivable!

I start it up. The dash issue occurs. I tap the key. The issue is cleared. Another small issue corrected! Or at least a work around until I decided to replace the ignition switch.

That is enough for today.

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