Tuesday, March 27, 2007

YouTube video

This video is of a 911 SC on a track, following a new 911 997. I have the feeling that either 1) this SC has been modified or 2) the driver of the SC is significantly more experienced than the driver of the 997.

Enjoy -


Amy said...

I'd vote for experience - the 997 pulls away on the straightaway, but the SC is right on him in the turns, and handles them better.

Ed said...

Yeah, I thought so too. I found out more about the SC from the owner. This takes place in the UK, hence the Lotus 7's. The SC has had the 3.0 removed and replaced with a 3.6 out of a 993. So a combination of experience AND modifications.

Ed said...

Where as I was being passed by Ford Foci and other "lesser" cars when I was on the track. Then again, I am very new to the car and never left 3rd.