Monday, April 9, 2007

2nd & 3rd PCA Event

I got out to another PCA event - the new member party. This actually was a few weeks ago, right after the photography event. Duff and I had a great time at the event. We attended with some trepidation, as we did not know anyone and we are shy people at the best of times. Everyone there made a real effort to be nice to us. They came up, introduced themselves, talked about their cars and generally were very friendly. I met a number of other SC owners. Most had taken a carburated approach to improving performance. Listening to them chat, I was very glad that I joined the group and am looking forward to other events. I gathered information on a garage tour, the DE events, the autocross events and a winery tour. The group seems to have a very good time together.

The 3rd event was a turbo retrospective at North Olmsted Porsche. They put on a very nice event - having morning breakfast pastery out, a number of turbo cars and techs on hand to talk about the vehicles. One tech, Chris Young, seemed very knowledgeable about the older models. He had a few SC's in his work area - one a original slant nose that was in the process of a turbo upgrade. Again, great event. I only hope I can get my car out of the shop in time for a few events later this year.

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