Monday, April 2, 2007

Well, I got the news today, oh BOY!

I finally took the 911 in for it's inspection today. Got some seriously bad news. The engine has a number of broken headstuds. This is not a small dollar repair. I am surprised that Stoddard did not let me know about this - it is fairly obvious once the car is up on a lift. You would think they would tell me, once the car was sold and they had the cash. I had always heard good things about them.

So, do I sell the car as a broken head stud car? Do I fix the car and sell it? Or do I fix the car and keep it? If I am keeping it, do I just rebuild it as a 3.0 $$, have the 3.2 upgrade kit installed $$$, or go whole hog and replace the motor with a 3.6 from a 996 $$$$? I am very upset right now, so please - don't say "I told you so" or "you should have had a PPI" or even "that is what you get for buying off eBay". I'll say it now - you are right, I am an idiot.

The honest truth is that I know the "right" thing to do is fix it and sell it. I'll take a loss, or break even - depending on the cost of the repair. I can get another 911 later, and "once bitten, twice shy" so I will do it right the next time.

I just don't know. Likely I will go with a combination approach. Try to sell it unfixed, fix it and try to sell it, then end up keeping it as no one else wants my mistake.


Ed said...

I don't think I will sell the car. I would lose too much if I sold it as is, and after I put in the money to fix it I will lose the same or even more.

Anonymous said...

It happened to me too.

Fix it, Don't sell it, drive it.

Ed said...

I've fixed the car. I'm going to drive it.