Monday, April 30, 2007

Fixing minor cosmetic items

I did a little work on the car since my last post. I'm still up in the air about the car. In the meantime, I decided to clear up a few minor imperfections. One of the P.O. replaced the drivers side headlight with a H4, but did not replace the passenger side. I ordered a new H4 from Pelican Parts and replaced it. This went fairly well, but I was glad to have the help of my cousin Lew. He noticed that the painted cover hooks onto the fender at the top. Without that, I might have lost the cover at the first corner.

I also replaced the engine bay light bulb. Dumb, but it was driving me nuts. Every time I checked the oil in the dark, I could never see what was going on. With the new bulb, the light works fine. Now I can see under the deck lid - yea!

I then tackled the shield on the front hood. I had to go out and get a 8mm deep well socket at Sears (thanks Steve!). After I had the right tool, I started cranking on it. And cranking on it. And cranking on it. Nothing seemed to be happening. I took a look with a flashlight, speed nut is there, no movement downwards however. I took another look in the book - no help or hints. I finally decided to just pry up a little on the shield as I cranked with the socket. POP, up it came. The new one popped in fairly well, but the posts are not exactly aligned with the holes in the hood. It took a little force to drop the shield into place. Otherwise uneventful install.

Speaking of oil, I don't seem to be losing or burning any at all. I have none on the ground and the dip stick is still reading the same - yes I have the engine up to temperature and running - I learn. Slowly sometimes, but still I can be taught new tricks. Only sign I have of the broken head stud is gas mileage being low. No "odd" noises in the engine. Weird.

I washed the car, inside and out. I removed a bunch of dust that was annoying me and I fed the seats and other leather bits some "hide food" from Mothers. Mostly neets foot oil and lanolin. I was amazed at how much the seats soaked up. Many of the little scratches and discoloration disappeared after applying the lotion. I'm sure they are back now, but it was encouraging.

I threw a birthday party for myself on Friday. I think a great time was had by all. Just wanted to say "Hey, I'm 40 now" with a bunch of friends. I put together some beer, pizza and chicken tenders for the group.

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