Monday, April 21, 2008

1st speeding ticket

On my way to the Autocross school at Lakeland Community College, I received my 1st speeding ticket with the 911. The ticket was for 76 in a 60 zone.

Was it justified? Oh, hell yes!

The autocross school was excellent. They established 4 teaching scenarios - a decreasing radius turn, a skid pad, a slalom and a braking zone. Each of these really opened my eyes on how the car responds in each situation. I learned a lot more about the car, and how to increase my speeds on the course.

It helped that this year the day was fantastic. Warm, with an overcast sky and a light rain. This gave us some real experience with different surface conditions without being in a competitive mode.

I plowed down a large number of cones myself, starting with the 1st scenario, the decreasing radius turn. I had Gino in my car as an instructor. He was urging me to use the brakes to their fullest extent. Go in hot, brake hard, turn and accelerate. I was, and still am, being easy on my brakes. I don't really want to run through a set of pads each session, so I tend to go in a bit slower, brake lightly and then turn and accelerate. Slower track times, but also less $$.

I had a great time and I am looking forward to the EBR event on Sunday April 27th out at the Hartville Market.

Hope to see you there!

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duff said...

You ought to have mentioned that you were *also* sighted for driving with expired tags, Birthday Boy! Not gonna let that happen again!